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The Fall season in Connecticut consists of days that are filled with pleasantly cool weather and the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. It is also the season to prepare your lawn and garden for the harsh elements of the Winter. During the warm summer months, your grass and plants will typically experience a period of rest, which protects them from the dryness and heat. This makes the Fall season the best time to revitalize your lawn or garden and give it the added nutrients it will need to get through the Winter. There are a number of lawn care and landscaping routines that must be completed in order to winterize your Connecticut property so that it will flourish in the Spring time. The landscape and property maintenance professionals at Elite Property and Fence have compiled a list of measures you can take to winterize your lawn.

Continue to mow your lawn and keep your grass level at around three inches until you notice no new growth occurring for 2 weeks or until frost begins to set in. If your grass levels are overgrown when Winter season approaches, your lawn will begin to absorb high levels of moisture which can lead to fungus and mold, especially if you receiving large amounts of snow that season.

Avoid excessive pruning. Although pruning can be beneficial to the health of your shrubs and plants, it is important not to do perform your pruning exceedingly. Over pruning in the autumn season can harvest new plant grown in the Winter, which will only get eradicated by the cold Connecticut weather.

Aerate your lawn. Aerating is the mechanical removal of soil cores throughout the lawn approx equal to the diameter of your finger and length from your finger tip to mid finger. This service releases compacted soil and optimizes nutrient absorption. The Fall season is an excellent time to aerate the lawn on you property, specifically the areas of lawn that receive high levels of foot traffic. If you do not have the proper aeration tools, you can contact Elite Property and Fence to handle all of your lawn aeration needs.

Utilize a winter fertilizer (winterizer). The majority of people consider the best time for fertilizing their lawns to be in the spring and late summer. But it is important to understand that November is also a very crucial time to apply fertilizer. Winterizers typically utilize less nitrogen and more potassium and phosphorous which will strengthen the roots of your lawn and plants during the winter months. Winterizers should be applied approximately a week after the last mowing of the year.

Rake leaves and remove and additional debris on your property. Raking leaves before the first snowfall of the year will prevent pests and diseases from victimizing your lawn in the Winter. It is important to begin raking as soon as your leaves begin to fall onto your property. Allowing the leaves to settle on your lawn will potentially block air from getting into the ground and block much needed sun rays. When the snow falls, the leaves will cause your grass to dry up and become more prone to snow mold disease. You can also shred the leaves and use it as winter mulch.

Overseed your lawn. The optimum time to overseed cool-season grasses in Southbury is during the month of September. This is the point in time when the Connecticut weather helps to establish cool-season grasses, which is why the best results with the least amount of work occur at that time. It is important to perform over-seeding services or the grass will not establish sufficiently before winter, which will mean you will not have a beautiful flourishing lawn come Spring time.

An integral part of keeping a beautiful landscape and garden is providing top notch care for your property during the cold weather months. By following the winterizing steps and measures mentioned above, you will give your lawn the proper protection and nutrients it will need to survive the dreadfully cold Connecticut winters. Your lawn will not only look better in the spring, but it will require much less maintenance and money to maintain for the rest of the year. You can can contact the landscape maintenance professionals at Elite Property to answer any of your questions regarding lawn winterization and to receive a free estimate for any work you would like done on your property.

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