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Why hire a Southbury tree planting service?

Planting trees can be a very difficult and arduous project. Based in Southbury, CT and servicing towns throughout the New Haven, Litchfield, and Fairifeld County areas, Elite Property and Fence has the experience and capabilities to ensure that your tree will be installed in the correct fashion. A tree can do a lot to increase the visual appeal of your landscape, as well as provide shade for your home or commercial facility, which will allow you to conserve energy and lower your utility bills. A professional Southbury landscape contractor can assist you in determine the most beneficial spot to plant your tree. Some of the advantages of planting a new tree on your property include:

  • An average size tree creates enough oxygen over the coarse of a year to provide a sufficient level oxygen for a family of four.
  • Planting trees in the vicinity of your home or commercial facility can reduce air-conditioning expenditures for up to 50 percent
  • Trees enhance air quality by filtering unhealthy pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide from the surrounding air.
  • Certain species of trees that are strategically planted around your home and can work to protect your structure from wind gusts and to lower the cooling effects of harsh Connecticut winter winds.
  • The market value of a professionally landscaped residence or commercial facility with developed healthy trees can be as much as 15% greater than a similar property with less landscaping.

Southbury Tree Installation and Transplanting Services

The professional tree service technicians at Elite Property and fence can assist you in determining the best possible tree for your landscape or transplant existing trees of all sizes and scope to other areas of your property. In order to take advantage of the numerous advantages a new trees on your landscape will present, it is crucial to install the correct tree in the best location. Selecting a tree that will grow in a healthy fashion on your on your landscape, you will have to take into account a few very important variables. For instance, weather patterns, local pests and diseases, and the condition of your dirt to name a few. The Southbury Tree Maintenance professionals at Elite Property and Fence will work closely with you to figure out the most beneficial tree and planting process for your landscape.

With an experienced tree installation team who will ensure a successful installation without any damage to the trees or your space, we’ll work to develop your landscaping project and create a visually appealing landscape that caters to your needs. We will ensure that your new tree will be installed and contoured to blend in seamlessly in your landscape. Once your trees have matured, our horticultural technicians will provide tree maintenance services to ensure that they remain healthy and flourishing for many years to come! Contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to schedule your no-cost consultation and estimate!


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