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Stone Wall Installation - Southbury, CT
If you’re looking for ideas to improve the look of your yard this summer, you may want to consider adding stone walls to your landscaping. Stone wall landscape design typically will fall into two categories: functional retaining walls or decorative freestanding walls. The functional retaining walls are typically utilized to hold back soil or to level out a slant on the property. The decorative freestanding walls increase overall curb appeal, mark property lines or outline patio areas and serve as seating.

Walls in general are a very versatile part of any lawn or hardscape. When installing a stone wall on your property, you should consider some of the following stone wall concepts.

Raised Gardens or Planters: If enjoy building and maintaining a garden on your property, you can build a stone retaining wall to encompass and maintain the garden. It not only allows you to get just the right soil mix for healthy plants but also reduces back strain, because you don’t have to bend over so far to tend it. The natural stone walls also look great and improve the curb-appeal of your Connecticut property.

Retaining Walls: Building a retaining wall on a slope can help prevent erosion and runoff, define a new garden area, and create outdoor rooms and pathways. Designing a retaining wall carefully will mean the difference between a planned, aesthetically-pleasing addition for your Southbury, Connecticut property and an unstable wall that creates more problems than it solves.

Accent Walls: Accent walls are used to break the yard into smaller, more manageable spaces and to create privacy barriers. Whether for aesthetic appeal or privacy, accent stone walls can be a great enhancement to any property. They offer a distinctive look to a landscape with a very important purpose.

Whatever types of stone walls you plan to install in your landscapes, you can count on our professional stone landscape designers and expert masons to help you bring out the very best in your yard.

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