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Elite Property owner Andre Thibodeau & employees are honest and straight forward. We choose only to congregate and build business relationships with other folks and businesses with our same outlook on how to treat jobs and our customers.

Elite Property and Fence LLC can directly offer you many services and improvements to your home or business. In the event we are not able or licensed for a particular task, we have an array of contractors on hand in various fields such as experienced arborists, quality home improvement specialist, electricians, tick spraying, and more. There is no upcharge for us to do this. It is simply a form of networking, which in return brings us business and your guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind.

Please view some of the services we provide below:

  • QUALITY FENCE SALES & INSTALLATION – Allow us to show you our many styles and types of fencing to suit your application and surroundings. Our pricing is lower or competitive with other fence company’s handling much lower grade quality fence materials. We only believe in top quality materials that are strong, well built and will surpass our competitors product. We offer all types of fencing from wood(stored indoors), vinyl, chain link, post and rail, aluminum. We recommend professional installation but if you are ready for the challenge we will sell and deliver your product to you. Learn More »

  • FERTILIZING & LAWNCARE – RENOVATIONS/INSTALLS/PROFESSIONAL MOWING – Elite property will repair your lawn, bring it back to life, install a lawn for you or just simply cut your lawn (with a bagger if necessary or requested) in a professional manner. Our clean cut crew is very approachable and experienced on proper technique and mower deck height levels. Learn More »

  • DETHATCH – (usually first thing in the spring) mechanical raking of the thatch build up in your lawn allowing oxygen, air flow, improving water absorption and disturbing the soil which sparks and promotes new healthy growth. We are thorough and results always amaze our clients usually immediately after this service. Learn More »

  • AERATE – Can be done throughout the season but particularly helpful in the fall before an overseeding of the lawn. This service is incredibly beneficial and gives results. Aerating is the mechanical removal of soil cores throughout the lawn approx equal to the diameter of your finger and length from your finger tip to mid finger. This service releases compacted soil and optimizes nutrient absorption. Learn More »

  • SEASONAL CLEANUPS – Elite Property is extremely experienced and proficient in making your yard look new and fresh upon Fall and Spring cleanup season. We do have a leaf removal vacuum truck when requested or needed. Learn More »

  • PATIOS, WALKWAYS, WALLS – Our experienced crew will help you select a style of stone or pavers to design a stylish new entry path, a personal backyard oasis or any hardscape focal point. Learn More »

  • CHAINSAW WORK/BRUSH CLEARING – We can help you choose a tree appropriate and according to your taste and area of planting. Our plantings are completed with strategy in reference to soil, allowance for root expansion and proper placement. Our personnel is also experienced with removal of dead or fallen limbs and trees as well as overgrown or undesired brush. Learn More »

  • GARDEN INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE – Allow us to refresh your gardens, thin out overgrown or invasive species, transplant as needed and provide any maintenance necessary in regards to the health of your vegetation. Deer and weed prevention, trimming, shaping and pruning. Learn More »

  • DRAINAGE SOLUTIONS – We can help you design a drainage system that will accommodate the needs of your home and property, as well as provide thorough preventative maintenance and care of your existing systems. Learn More »

  • SNOW PLOWING SERVICES – We provide complete snow removal services including snow plowing, snow hauling, de-icing, ice control, shoveling, sidewalk clearing and maintenance. Learn More »

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As one of most established landscaping contractors, we have trained personnel and equipment to handle any job. Browse through our website to see if we can help your dreams become reality.

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Elite Property is the best landscaping company I have found that can be trusted to provide excellent lawn maintenance, fall and spring clean ups as well as...

Linda, Southbury, CT


Andre has been doing all of my landscaping for the past several years. He does outstanding work, and is always involved with every aspect of the job.

DV, Southbury, CT