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Choosing the right landscape contractor - Southbury, CTMost home and commercial property owners would agree that a well developed and maintained landscape will add many benefits, including adding curb appeal to your property as well as increasing its overall monetary value. The landscaping of a home or business is one of the first things that a prospective buyer or customer will notice when they visit. It is estimated that a beautifully landscaped property will increase its value by over fifteen percent, and allow the home owner to recoup up to two-hundred percent of their initial landscaping investment. While it is obvious that having a well maintained landscape will improve the appearance and value of your property, with all of the Connecticut landscape contractors available to choose from in the area, it may be difficult finding the right landscaping company for the job.

Before you hire a landscaping company to perform landscape design, installation, or maintenance on your property, it is important to gain an understanding of the company’s experience, credentials, and overall knowledge of landscaping. As a top-rated landscape contractor in the state of Connecticut, Elite Property and Fence believe that our potential customers should understand the importance of hiring the company that will be best suited for their needs, and we have included a few important questions you should consider asking your landscape contractor before you hire them for your next project.

  1. What are their qualifications or certifications? You should find out if your potential landscaper is involved in any professional organizations that recognizes experts in the field. While the importance of membership in an organization is a positive attribute, you should also look into factors such as whether or not they are licensed in the state of Connecticut or if they carry insurance. If your landscape contractor does not carry insurance, there is a possibility that you may be held liable in the event of an accident occurring on your property. You should also research your landscape contractor’s credentials and company history, as well as previous work.
  2. Can they offer a detailed maintenance schedule of work to be performed and stick to it? You should establish a clear date of when work on the project will begin. It is a common occurrence among some landscape contractors to agree to begin a project immediately, but eventually place the project on hold half way through, because they have other projects that need attention. Once you have established a start date, you should then request a detailed work schedule and get an estimate of how long the project will take to complete.
  3. Do you use only EPA-approved pesticides and how toxic are the chemicals you do use? If your landscape contractor is utilizing fertilization products that are not EPA-approved, then you can potentially receive a fine. It can also be very unhealthy for your family and pets to inhale any lawn care chemicals or pesticides that do not meet the EPA’s requirements. Ask for your landscaper to use the safest, least toxic product they can that will still do the job. At Elite Property and Fence, we prefer an all natural approach to building and maintaining lawns. It’s all in the soil. We start with a soil test and learn the current PH levels and recommendations for lime and proper nutrients. A strong, well maintained lawn and pre-determined schedule will help prevent infestation and disease.

Elite Property and Fence is a full service landscape company based in Southbury, Connecticut that strives to perform the greatest in client satisfaction, craftsmanship and overall service quality. Our residential and commercial landscape services offer a full range of landscape design, landscape construction, lawn care, tree installations, and maintenance. Our crew leaders and workers are polite and professional. At Elite Property and Fence, we work very hard and efficiently for your business. Give us a call today at (203) 262-0247 for a free consultation!

Located in Southbury, Connecticut, Elite Property and Fence specialize in spring landscaping and season cleanups, lawn care, lawn maintenance, fence installation, custom landscaping designs and expert installation of landscaping , patios, irrigation, lighting, wood and vinyl fencing and much more. Our service area includes the following towns and surrounding areas in Connecticut: Danbury, Middlebury, Woodbury, Roxbury, Brookfield, Watertown, Fairfield, Waterbury, Stamford, Oxford, and beyond! Contact us today for a free consultation!


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