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Soil Testing, pH Levels, Fertilizer Management, Lawn Care - Southbury, ConnecticutIn order to maintain a healthy lawn and garden, it is very important to have a professional landscape technician perform pH level testing on an annual basis. The pH levels of your landscape will effect the overall health and vibrancy of your trees, plants, shrubs, and lawn. If the pH levels of your soil are not at stable levels, it can lead to damaging effects to the plants and trees of your landscape. It is very crucial that you take the necessary measures that will allow all aspects of your landscape receive the appropriate amounts of nutrients in order to remain healthy and flourish.

The main purpose of a pH test for your lawn is to ensure that it contains the proper levels of alkalinity and acidity amounts. The lawn care professionals at Elite Property and Fence will perform a chemical assessment of the level of nutrients contained in your soil, as well as the ability for your soil to build nutrients. Once the assessment is completed, you will have a firm understanding of which nutrients and chemicals are needed to maintain a healthy pH level. Performing a soil test is very important because if you do not recognize which nutrients are needed, you could be applying additional chemicals and nutrients, which will cost additional money and time, while potentially further damaging your soil.

Based in Southbury, Connecticut, Elite Property and Fence offers affordable pH soil testing services for optimal nutrient absorption and lime recommendation. We will examine the pH levels of your soil to ensure that it falls within a healthy level. We will also test the organic matter content to ensure it is at optimum levels as well. Our Connecticut soil testing services are an effective way us to evaluate the health of your soil and then perform the appropriate applications of fertilizer and organic materials to ensure that your soil is at its most optimal fertile levels.

Elite Property and Fence has the experience and capabilities to effectively evaluate your landscape and provide the proper nutrients, which are vital for it’s overall health. If your soil does not contain a proper pH level, it can make your lawn, plants, shrubs and trees more susceptible to the damaging effects of insect infestations, disease, and dehydration levels. You can contact us at the Connecticut lawn care professionals at (203) 262-0247 for a free soil evaluation and estimate. You can click the following link to learn more about our Turf & Tick packages.

Located in Southbury, Connecticut, Elite Property and Fence specialize in soil testing, tick spray programs, landscaping and season cleanups, lawn care, lawn maintenance, fence installation, custom landscaping designs and expert installation of landscaping , patios, irrigation, lighting, wood and vinyl fencing and much more. Our service area includes the following towns and surrounding areas in Connecticut: Danbury, Middlebury, Woodbury, Roxbury, Brookfield, Watertown, Fairfield, Waterbury, Stamford, Oxford, and beyond! Contact us today for a free consultation!


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