Connecticut Spring Cleanup Tips – Mulching and Pruning

Mulching around plants and trees, and pruning are two important methods you can utilize to keep your Litchfield County landscape beautiful during the spring and summer Connecticut months.

Mulching helps preserve water and regulate the temperature in your soil but it also prevents the growth of weeds, protects soil from compaction, cuts down on erosion, retains moisture, feeds your soil and provides insulation for plant roots from extreme heat and cold .

Most Connecticut gardeners and landscapers know that soil health is one of the main building blocks of a successful property and garden. The mulch in your garden breaks down over time and adds organic matter to your garden.

Pruning will allow your trees and plants to gain more sun exposure, which invigorates them by stimulating the growth of buds, leaves and branches. Proper pruning practices minimize disease, remove unsightly dead material, controls growth, rejuvenates plants, and helps plants develop thicker foliage and more flowers.

Pruning provides a variety of benefits to your trees and landscape:

  • Health – Our tree pruning services include the removal of diseased, broken, or dead branches on mature trees and young trees alike for tree protection.
  • Appearance and Restoration – Tree pruning for appearance and restoration is essential for maximizing the beauty of formal plantings and to assist with landscape maintenance.
  • Safety – Tree pruning can protect against storm damage and the danger of falling limbs. This is particularly a concern for trees along pedestrian paths, driveways, and surrounding buildings.

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