Southbury, CT | Stamped Concrete Patios & Walkways

Elite Property and Fence offers stamped concrete patios and walkway installation services in Southbury and surrounding towns. We design and install visually appealing and functional outdoor patios that that will make your vision a reality. During our initial consultation we offer our clients detailed scope of the stamped concrete patio project to gain an understand of what we have to offer. From pattern to colors, we can assist you with the materials selection process.

Stamped Concrete Patios & Walkways Contractor in Southbury, CT

As a professional Southbury stamped concrete patio contractor, we remain communicative throughout the entire patio design and build process to ensure you complete satisfaction. The use of stamped concrete patios and walkways has gained a lot of popularity for Southbury residents in recent years. Stamped concrete is designed to emulate bricks, slates, stones and tiles. Hiring Elite Property and Fence to install stamped concrete for your patio or walkway, will offer you a beautiful, durable and affordable outdoor living space.

Elite Property and Fence has the capacity and experience required to handle concrete patio installations of all sizes and scope. Our superior, cost-effective Southbury masonry construction solutions are has allowed us to build a reputation for being the best local concrete patio installation contractor.

Advantages of Stamped Concrete Patios

There are numerous advantages to using stamped concrete materials for your patio or walkway installation. We have listed some of the more popular reasons why people choose stamped concrete over other patio materials for you below.

  • Less Expensive than Natural Stone, Brick, or Pavers
  • Low Maintenance, Less Masonry Repair or Restoration Requirements
  • Long-Lasting and Durable
  • Affordable and Quick Installation

For decades, we have been installing patios and walkways and other masonry construction projects throughout the Southbury area. We have designed and installed countless retaining walls, walkways, patios, driveways in the Southbury, CT area.  Contact us today at (203) 262-0247 for a no-cost estimate and consultation!


Southbury, CT | Landscape Drainage Contractor | Yard Drainage

Elite Property and Fence offers Landscape Drainage Solutions, French Drain Systems, Sump Pump Installation, Gutter Downspout Drainage solutions and more in Southbury, CT and surrounding towns of Newtown, Oxford, Naugatuck, Roxbury, Woodbury, South Britain, Seymour and beyond! Yard drainage services are often required when a landscape does not possess sufficient grading or the necessary channel drains and connected downspouts. If left untreated, drainage problems can cause costly damages to not only your landscape elements, but also your residential or commercial property.

Landscape Drainage Contractor, Yard Drainage Services in Southbury, CT

At Elite Property and Fence, we offer many years of landscape drainage experience to your project and can help you resolve your water drainage issues in an efficient and cost effective manner. We offer a plethora of landscape yard drainage solutions, including French drains, Catch basins, Grading around foundation, Channel drains, Underground PVC pipe installation, Sump pump instillations and more. You can contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!

With the heavy Connecticut rain storms, which appear to be getting worse every year, now is the time to address any yard drainage system problems that you may require. A Easton landscape drainage system installation performed Elite Property and Fence will ensure your home and landscape will be protected from flooding. The most effective approach to keep water away from your residential or commercial property is having a well thought out and implemented drainage system installed.

Elite Property and Fence offers a full range of drainage solutions in Southbury, CT and surrounding areas, to assist you in coping with water accumulation issues on your property. We can assist you in implement the most effective drainage solution to divert excess water away home or business, including, channel drains, French drains, basement waterproofing, and proper sump pump and downspout drainpipe connections. You can contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!


Roxbury, CT | Landscape Drainage Solutions | Yard Drainage Contractor Near Me

Elite Property and Fence has earned a reputation for being the Best Landscape Yard Drainage Contractors in Roxbury and surrounding towns, offering landscape drainage system installation, including trench drains, French drains, erosion control, yard grading and additional services. Our expert team of Roxbury yard drainage contractors is available to help you solve your water drainage problems. From sump pumps to French drain installations, we’ll find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for you so that you can get back to enjoying your outdoor living space. You can request a no-cost consultation and estimate today at (203) 262-0247.

Elite Property and Fence has earned a reputation for being the best landscape drainage and excavation contractor in Roxbury by offering high quality workmanship, completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. We service the following and surrounding towns of; Roxbury, Southbury, Woodbury, Newtown, Oxford, Naugatuck, Seymour, Washington and beyond!

Best Excavation and Landscape Drainage Contractors in Roxbury, CT

We have completed many landscape drainage projects in the Roxbury area of all sizes and scope. Drainage problems that are not immediately fixed can can create costly damages to not only your landscape, but also your home or business. At Elite Property and Fence, we bring many years of experience to each project and remedy your water drainage issues efficiently, effectively and affordably. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Gutters and pipe downspouts
  • Channel drainage around pools and decks
  • Footing and curtain drains
  • Hardscape patio drainage
  • And more!

We also provide Ground and Land Drainage, Backyard and Lawn Drainage, Rain Water Drainage, Driveway Drainage, Seepage Pit Installation, and Standing Water Drainage. You can contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!


Southbury, CT Property Maintenance and Estate Care | New Lawn Install

Are you seeking Southbury Property Maintenance and Estate Care, new lawn installation or tree and plant installation services for your property in Southbury or surrounding areas? Elite Fence and Property Maintenance is a landscape contractor serving Southbury, CT and New Haven County. We specialize in installing new lawns for residential and commercial property owners, utilizing grass seed or installing new sod. From grading your landscape to installing drainage solutions, and spreading the dethatch or aerate we are a full service Property Maintenance and Lawn Care service can provide you with a visually appealing and vibrant looking new lawn.

Elite Fence and Property Maintenance is based in Roxbury, CT and services the following and surrounding towns of; Woodbury, Oxford, Naugatuck, Seymour, Waterbury, Watertown, Ansonia, New Milford, Prospect, Derby, Shelton, Danbury, Woodbridge, Wolcott, Plymouth. You can contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to schedule a quick no-cost quote. Some of our lawn care and tree and shrub installation services include:

  • New Lawn Installations
  • Tree Planting and Maintenance
  • Spring & Fall Clean-Ups
  • Garden maintenance, design & planting
  • Lawn care maintenance, lawn mowing
  • Perennial, annual, shrub and tree installation
  • Landscape Yard Drainage Installation
  • Sodding, seeding, top dressing, lawn dethatching, grading
  • Tree trimming and removal
  • Hedge and shrub pruning

Are you having difficulties maintaining a healthy and vibrant turf and landscape for your Southbury property? Are weeds developing on your lawn? Elite Fence and Property Maintenance can provide you with expert lawn care services that will keep your lawn beautiful and vibrant throughout the year. Whether you need to install a new lawn, renovate an your current lawn or just patch a few bare spots. You can contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to schedule a quick no-cost quote.


Woodbury, CT | Spring Landscape Cleanup and Maintenance Services

Once the Connecticut winter has passed, your landscape and turf are most likely not in the greatest of shape. You can rely on Elite Property and Fence for the best spring landscape cleanup service in Woodbury and surrounding towns of; Roxbury, Bethany, Southbury, Oxford, Naugatuck, Washington, Newtown, South Britain and beyond! We can handle all of your Woodbury spring landscape cleanup, ensuring your landscape will be vibrant and healthy as the spring season approaches. Contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!

We’ll save you the many hours of arduous work, and ensure that your property is ready for the approaching warmer temperatures . We perform landscaping cleanup as a one-time service, or it can be a component of your ongoing landscape maintenance service. Our comprehensive landscaping Spring clean up services include:

  1. Rake up dead leaves, fallen branches and any other accumulated debris.
  2. Hauling away all of the debris
  3. Cutting your lawn
  4. Mulch installation
  5. Removing debris from your garden or flower beds and performing re-edging where necessary.
  6. Performing pruning where necessary on the shrubs and trees of your landscape.
  7. Preparation of flower and/or garden beds
  8. New lawn installation and reseeding.
  9. Lawn fertilization and aeration.

At Elite Property and Fence, we have the expertise and experience to transform your property back to looking its greatest, after the debris accumulation and being exposed to the harsh weather conditions from the Fall and Winter seasons. Contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to find out more about these services or to schedule your Spring clean-up. We will be happy to setup an appointment to discuss your needs and give you a no-cost estimate and consultation.


Southbury, CT | Landscape Drainage | French Drains | Sump Pump | Gutter Downspout Drainage

Elite Property and Fence offers high quality landscape drainage installation in Southbury and surrounding towns of Oxford, Seymour, Roxbury, Woodbury, Washington, Newtown, Bethel, New Milford, Bethlehem and beyond! If you are experiencing water accumulation in your yard, then contact our Southbury Landscape Drainage professionals so that we can install a drainage system that will solve your issues. We offer cost-effective yard drainage solutions such as French Drain Systems, Gutter Downspout Drainage, Sump Pump Drainage options and more.

We offer a large assortment of yard drainage and basement waterproofing services and are capable of installing French drains that work efficiently for residential and commercial property owners. A French drain generates a pipe line that manages the flow of water away from the structure of your home or business, averting any damage to its foundation. Accord9ngly, water drains into a custom designed trench suffused with gravel and proceeds in a straight line into a pipe that is located at the lower section of the trench and eventually to a prudent distance from your property.

Our experienced team will arrive at your location to determine the source of your drainage problem, whether it is an individual point or multipoint intrusion, and implement the most effective solution to remediate the problem. Common types Southbury drainage system installations include the following: French Drains in Southbury, Dry Wells, Surface Drains, Southbury Storm Drains, Driveway Drains. Standing Water Drainage Solutions and more. If you are seeking the best landscape or yard drainage contractor in Southbury, Elite Property and Fence can assist you.

Landscape or Yard Drainage services by Elite Property and Fence may be required in many instances in order to protect your landscape. If water accumulation in your yard or basement is a reoccurring problem, hiring Elite Property and Fence to install a French drain system, Gutter Downspout or sump pump in Southbury is an effective solution. You can contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!


Woodbury, CT | Wood, Vinyl Fence Install or Repair | Affordable Fence Installation Contractor

Elite Property and Fence offers a large selection of fencing of residential fencing materials and services for chain link, vinyl, wood, and aluminum fencing. We have built a reputation for being the best fence installer in Woodbury by offering high quality craftmanship at competitive pricing. We install or repair fencing in Woodbury that includes Aluminum Fence, Chain Link Fence, Vinyl Fence, PVC Fence and Wood Fence. We service the following and surrounding towns of Roxbury, Southbury, Oxford, New Milford, Watertown, Newtown, Bethel, Litchfield and beyond.

Are you searching for the an affordable fence installation contractor for your residential or commercial property in Woodbury? As custom fence installation or repair contractors, we take a tremendous level of pride in installing visually appealing, functional, durable fencing solutions that will increase the curb appeal and market value of your property. Whether you need a chain link fence, wooden fence, or electronic gate, the Elite Property and Fence team will give you the finished product that will satisfy your requirements for your outdoor space.

Our Woodbury, CT fencing company never uses subcontractors, and will work closely with you to ensure that the fence is installed to your specifications so that you are completely satisfied. If you are seeking Interior or Exterior Painting Contractor in Orange, CT, we recommend DiNardo Painting. Elite Property and Fence has been a fence company that residential and commercial property owners of Woodbury and surrounding areas have come to rely on for all their fence installation and fencing product needs for almost 30 years.

At Elite Property and Fence, we are passionate about the practice of fence building. No other fencing supplier and contractor in the New Haven, Fairfield or Litchfield Counties area offers as much expertise and premium fencing products. A fence is an significant investment for your property that will enhance your safety, security, and curb appeal. You want the best fence installation contractor to get the job done right so that it will serve its purpose for many years to come. Contact Elite Property and Fence today at (203) 262-0247 to receive a no-cost consultation and estimate!


Roxbury, CT | Lawn Fertilizing Services | Best Lawn Care & Landscaper Near Me

Elite Property and Fence of Roxbury, CT offers lawn care and turf fertilizing services to residential and commercial property owners, utilizing the the greatest quality, safe and effective products available. We use our many years of experience to offer the best turf lawn care services in Roxbury and surrounding areas of Woodbury, New Milford, Southbury, Watertown, Oxford, Waterbury, Danbury, Naugatuck, Litchfield, Plymouth, Seymour, Wolcott, Prospect, Ansonia, Torrington, and beyond. We are the Roxbury Lawn Fertilizer And Weed Control Company you can depend on to achieve a healthy vibrant lawn.

Our comprehensive Roxbury lawn maintenance services offer the following attributes:

  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance
  • Lawn Fertilization Programs
  • Deer Repellent
  • Grub Control
  • Lawn Renovation / Seeding
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Shrub and Ornamental Care
  • Spring & Fall Clean-ups
  • Lime Application

Turf & Lawn Fertilization Services in Roxbury, CT. Hiring Elite Property and Fence to perform our lawn fertilization services will help you to maintain the vibrant, green lawn that you desire, that will be the envy of your neighborhood. The many types of plants, trees an shrubs, feralization plays a key role in the health and development of almost any plant species. Fertilizer provides the necessary nutrients, protection from insects and pests and more efficient water absorption.

For over 25 years, Elite Property and Fence has been installing and maintaining beautiful landscapes throughout the Roxbury and surrounding areas of Connecticut. From lawn fertilization to weed control, lawn dethatching, lawn aeration, garden installations & maintenance, and everything in between, Elite Property and Fence has a lawn care program that can be customized to suit for every lawn. Contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!


Affordable Southbury, CT Fencing Installation & Repair | Best Fence Company

Elite Property and Fence in Southbury, CT, offers numerous styles of fencing and installation services of all sizes and scope for your residential or commercial property. We will work closely with you to inform you of all of the options available to find a fence style that will best suit your aesthetic and functional requirements. We install durable fences to ensure that it will survive the heavy weather patterns we experience here in Connecticut throughout the year. We will provide you with custom fencing, along with designs, to meet your specific requirements and the layout of your landscape and architecture of your property.

Elite Property and Fence is based in Southbury, CT and services the following and surrounding towns of; Woodbury, Oxford, Seymour, Roxbury, Newtown, Bethel, Monroe, Washington, Brookfield, Bridgewater, Middlebury, Naugatuck and beyond. The styles of fencing materials we can install or repair in Southbury, CT include but are not limited to the following:

  • Ornamental aluminum fencing
  • Wood: cedar and pine
  • Vinyl fencing
  • Chain link fencing
  • Stockade and livestock panels
  • Electronic and estate gates
  • Swimming pool enclosures
  • Sports court or field fencing

Property owners in Southbury, CT, and surrounding towns have come to rely on Elite Property and Fence for prompt, expert fence installation and repair service. We have built a reputation for being the best Southbury fence company by providing high quality workmanship at competitive pricing. We offer complete fence maintenance and repair services, and our fence repair service encompasses damage repair for all types of fence material whether it be wood, vinyl, aluminum or chain link. Contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!


Southbury, CT | Fertilizing Lawn Care Services Near Me | Lawn Mowing | Weed Control in Southbury

Are you seeking a visually appealing lawn but don’t want to spend your weekends hauling fertilizer bags and providing lawn care maintenance. Allow Elite Property and Fence assist you with all of your lawn care requirements. Our professional feralization and weed control services will ensure that you have a vibrant and healthy lawn throughout the Spring and Summer months and beyond. We have built a reputation for being the best lawn care maintenance and fertilizing company in Southbury by providing a high quality landscaping service at competitive pricing.

Our Southbury lawn care program can be customized to suit the needs of your property and budget. If your turf requires assistance, we have a lawn care maintenance package that will provide all of the necessary nutrients and maintenance services necessary to improve its overall health and wellness. The majority lawns require augmentation in the form of fertilization. This is most likely due to the soil not being fertile enough to provide access to all the essential nutrients your yard needs for healthy growth and color.

Elite Property and Fence provides lawn care maintenance in Southbury and surrounding towns of; Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Branford, Cheshire, Derby, Meriden, Middlebury, Woodbury, Naugatuck, New Haven, Oxford, Prospect, Seymour, Southbury, Wallingford, Waterbury, Roxbury, Wolcott, Woodbridge and beyond! If you are seeking Wheel Chair Ramp Systems and Aging in Place Remodeling in New Haven, we recommend Rehab Specialties of Connecticut.

From seeding to aerating your yard to weed control and general lawn care maintenance, Elite Property and Fence offers comprehensive lawn care services that will ensure the health and vibrancy of your lawn, trees, shrubs, garden beds and other landscape elements. We will utilize our experience and expertise to maintain your landscape, so you can spend your weekends relaxing with your family and friends in your backyard instead of working on it. Contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!


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