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Full Lawn Care Services - Fairfield, Litchfield, New Haven CountyThatch buildup is the accumulation of dead roots, lawn debris and plant crowns on your lawn. Thatch build-up will typically occur in lawns that are over fertilized and receive excess levels of water. When thatch accumulates on a lawn, it will eventually block the nutrients your lawn receives from plant food, fertilizer, the sun, and water. This process will make it more susceptible to extreme temperatures, drought, insects, and disease issues. High levels of thatch will create an environment that is conducive to pests and will make your lawn be less responsive to fertilizer applications and irrigation practices.

You can hire the Connecticut lawn care professionals at Elite Property and Fence to develop a customized lawn care program that will use a combination of proper mowing techniques, fertilization, and aeration, which will help your lawn remain healthy and flourish throughout the year. Elite Property has been dedicated for many years to enhancing the appearances of homes, lawns and the lives of families throughout Southbury and the surrounding towns in Connecticut. We understand the time and care your lawn needs to be healthy, and we want to help give you that time to spend with your family and friends! Some of our most popular lawn care services include:

  • Core Aeration Services: Hiring Elite Property and Maintenance to perform core aeration services for your residential or commercial landscape is imperative to help combat thatch, improve your soil structure, promote turf growth, and allow fertilizer and water greater access to the roots of your turf and plants.
  • Pest and Disease Management Services: Our pest and disease control landscape professionals are experienced in every aspect of pest control and disease prevention, and we’ll put our knowledge to use to ensure that your residential or commercial lawn is protected against devastating diseases and pests. Our highly experienced Connecticut arborists are also knowledgeable when it comes to tick control – including deer tick control. We can apply a treatment to your property that will provide an immediate reduction in the number of ticks on your landscape. Learn more about our Tick & Turf packages by clicking here.
  • Full Season Lawn Care Program: Our full season lawn program is constructed to provide a well balanced application of lawn fertilizers that will provide your lawn with the perfect level of nutrients that it will need to flourish year round. This will also involve a pre/post emergent weed control treatment that will prevent grassy and broad-leaf weeds from invading your landscape.

At Elite Property and Fence, LLC, we will provide you with dependable, professional and quality service at an affordable price. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Serving numerous residential and commercial clients in the greater Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven area we have built a reputation for efficiency and high quality service. If you are interested in being the envy of your neighbors with the best looking lawn on the block, you should give us a call today at (203) 262-0247 for a free landscaping consultation.

Located in Southbury, Connecticut, Elite Property and Fence specialize in spring landscaping and season cleanups, lawn care, lawn maintenance, fence installation, custom landscaping designs and expert installation of landscaping , patios, irrigation, lighting, wood and vinyl fencing and much more. Our service area includes the following towns and surrounding areas in Connecticut: Danbury, Middlebury, Woodbury, Roxbury, Brookfield, Watertown, Fairfield, Waterbury, Stamford, Oxford, and beyond! Contact us today for a free consultation!


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