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CT Mulch Installation & Delivery - Southbury, Danbury, Fairfield, CTAs the Connecticut winter season draws to and end and the temperatures slowly but surely start to rise, it is time to start thinking about your Southbury landscape maintenance. Any professional landscaper or horticulturist will tell you that the most important time of year to lay down the groundwork for your property is early spring. This will ensure that the flowers trees shrubs and whatever other plants you have on your property remain happy and healthy throughout the rest of the spring and summer season.

While many people including land owners all over the state of Connecticut believe that mulch is used simply as a stylistic choice, which is completely ornamental. Many property owners apply mulch to the base of their plants with the intention of improving the presentation of their homes without understanding the additional benefits adding mulch to their yard has. The landscape preservation and installation specialists at Elite Property and Fence of Southbury, CT have put together a list of helpful things mulch does for you landscape other than improving the aesthetics.

  • Prevents weed influx and infestation
  • Preserves moisture in your sole therefore preventing plants from getting dried out and thirsty in the hot sun.
  • Mulch works as an insulator protecting your trees, plants and flowers ECT from freezing during those cold spring nights.
  • On the flip side mulch helps keep the plants form overheating in the hot summer sun.
  • Helps to control erosion and prevents the soil from becoming too compact
  • Protects the nutrients in the soil from being washed away in rainstorms as well as helps to disperse nutrient into the soil particularly when using organic mulch.
  • Wards off insects and other pests, which can cause diseases in your garden. Cedar bark mulch is particularly effective in pest prevention as it contains natural oils, which act as a repellent.

Located in Southbury CT and servicing both residential and commercial properties all over the state, Elite Property and Fence specializes in providing mulch delivery and installation services. Our mulch is of the highest quality and will add aesthetic appeal to your property while protecting your flowers, plants, trees and shrubs from the elements and the hazards of living outdoors. Our mulch is 100% organic made from high quality natural ingredients. All of our mulch is put in with the utmost care by our certified specialists to make guarantee that all of your plants are thoroughly covered. Contact us today at (203) 262-0247 to schedule a free consultation or learn more about CT mulch installation for your landscaping!

Located in Roxbury, Connecticut, Elite Property and Fence specialize in fall clean up services, soil testing, tick spray programs, mulching, landscaping and season cleanups, lawn care, lawn maintenance, fence installation, custom landscaping designs and expert installation of landscaping, patios, irrigation, lighting, wood and vinyl fencing and much more. Our service area includes the following towns and surrounding areas in Connecticut: Bethel, Newtown, Monroe, Oxfrod, Brookfield, and beyond!


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