Lawncare Services - Fertilizing, Renovations, Installations, Professional Mowing

Fertilizing Lawncare

We prefer an all natural approach to building and maintaining lawns. It's all in the soil. We start with a soil test and learn the current PH levels and recommendations for lime and proper nutrients. A strong, well maintained lawn and pre-determined schedule will help prevent infestation and disease.

It is much better to fertilize and seed on a routine basis rather than treat with chemicals. In the event of repairing infestation of weeds or insects we work closely with licensed professionals to get you back on track.

Complete Lawncare

Elite Property has been dedicated for more many years to enhancing the appearances of homes, lawns and the lives of families throughout Southbury and the surrounding towns in Connecticut. We understand the time and care your lawn needs to be healthy, and we want to help give you that time to spend with your family and friends! Call Elite Property and Fence today for a free estimate and more information on what our lawn care services can do for you.

To help your lawn reach its potential, we will first conduct a detailed lawn analysis of your property. This gives us a valuable picture of your lawn’s strengths and challenges, and help us in covering issues such as:

  • Grass and soil types
  • Thatch and turf density
  • Shade and sun exposure
  • Mowing and watering
  • Problem areas including disease, soil compaction, and pet damage
  • Grassy and Broadleaf Weeds
  • Pests and Lawn damaging Insects

Whether you're looking for lawn mowing, pruning, fertilization, disease and insect control, hazardous tree assessment, new lawn installations or renovations, Elite Property and Maintenance can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Why Choose Us?

As one of most established landscaping contractors, we have trained personnel and equipment to handle any job. Browse through our website to see if we can help your dreams become reality.

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Elite Property is the best landscaping company I have found that can be trusted to provide excellent lawn maintenance, fall and spring clean ups as well as...

Linda, Southbury, CT


Andre has been doing all of my landscaping for the past several years. He does outstanding work, and is always involved with every aspect of the job.

DV, Southbury, CT