Lawn Dethatching Services

Controlling thatch is one of the most important - and most overlooked - parts of lawn care. Thatch is simply the layer of dead grass, roots, and debris that accumulates between the soil surface and the green grass blades above. Over time, it forms a thick mat, hindering water and air from reaching the soil and providing an environment that can encourage pests and diseases. Dethatching can help prevent these problems.

Elite Property and Fence utilizes (usually first thing in the spring) mechanical raking of the thatch build up in your lawn allowing oxygen, air flow, improving water absorbtion and disturbing the soil which sparks and promotes new healthy growth. We are thorough and results always amaze our clients usually immediately after this service. Contact us today for a free consultation..

Lawn Aeration Services

Aeration, a method of punching holes into the lawn to allow moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the soil, also helps break up thatch. Its primary goal is to loosen compacted soil; it's often needed for lawns grown in clay soils and those subject to heavy foot traffic.

Our Aeration Services can be done throughout the season but particularly helpful in the fall before an overseeding of the lawn. This service is incredibly beneficial and gives results. Aerating is the mechanical removal of soil cores throughout the lawn approx equal to the diameter of your finger and length from your finger tip to mid finger. This service releases compacted soil and optimizes nutrient absorption.

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