Seasonal Cleanup Services

When the first hints of spring arrive, there seems to be a hundred different things that need to be done around home, both inside and out. We can help with some of those outdoor tasks that can be a real drudge, but once done, can make a big difference in how your lawn and landscape looks.

Spring Cleaning is an outdoor service that we provide where we come in and clean up your lawn and flower beds, making certain that all those dead leaves and rubbish that has accumulated over the winter months is properly removed from your property. Picking up twigs and branches, plus the litter that has accumulated is also removed. Walkways and driveways are blown clear of accumulated dust dried clippings. When we're done, your property will be ready for Spring, ready to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Our Fall Cleaning service is the process of removing all leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated over the course of the summer season throughout your property and hauling it away from your property. This service is a great way to prepare your lawn and property for the Connecticut winter season.

We provide thorough leaf clean-up and removal services. Our mobile leaf vacuum system allows us to pick up very large quantities of leaves. Both curbside vacuum service and full leaf removal services are available. Elite Property is extremely experienced and proficient in making your yard look new and fresh upon Fall and Spring cleanup season.

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Elite Property is the best landscaping company I have found that can be trusted to provide excellent lawn maintenance, fall and spring clean ups as well as...

Linda, Southbury, CT


Andre has been doing all of my landscaping for the past several years. He does outstanding work, and is always involved with every aspect of the job.

DV, Southbury, CT